About Us

In 2002, partners Jack Bennett and Scott Porter set out to redefine the typical insurance and financial experience. Through their combined experience and knowledge they decided it was time to step away from the insurance business as usual. Their holistic approach led to the formation of three interrelated divisions: insurance, prosperity planning and consulting. For over a decade, they have been successful in exceeding clients’ needs through asset protection and sound investments.


  • Ranked “Top 25 Insurance Brokers” in Arizona ~ Phoenix Business Journal
  • Selected as one of Arizona’s “Best Places to Work” ~ Phoenix Business Journal
  • Voted “Top 10 Insurance Brokers” in Arizona ~ Ranking Arizona
  • 80% of individuals and companies that evaluate Bennett & Porter services become loyal clients


Over the years clients have witnessed Bennett & Porter evolve into a sophisticated, cutting edge firm with much more integrated and comprehensive services.  By working in a “team” approach the advisors at Bennett and Porter are available to guide you through the necessary steps to ensure a thorough understanding of your insurance and financial future. Here are a few of the current areas which we have agents/advisors with specialized focus.



• Auto
• Home
• Business
• Health



• Trusts/Estate Planning
• Institutional Active Money Management
• 401K, IRA, Retirement Plans
• Life & Disability Insurance


• Sales Training
• Web Development
• Payroll Services
• Blogging/Social Media


By working with our clients in a comprehensive approach we can achieve many objectives at all once.  First is making sure there are no missing pieces of the puzzle.  By working together as a team, advisors and agents are able to look at the whole picture of the clients needs vrs just one specific issue.  Clients also enjoy the convenience and benefit from having one firm handle all there insurance and financial needs in an independent, personalized manner.   Call us today to see how we can help you put a plan together for you.