At Bennett & Porter Wealth Management we felt it was important to team up with the best money management teams we could find.  After doing extensive research and traveling to Sarasota FL to meet the Global Private Financial Capital Team we knew we had found a perfect match.

Global Financial Private Capital is an independently owned, SEC Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) whose mission is to restore investor trust and confidence in the financial system.  Originally formed in 1993 Global Financial comprises a number of special areas of expertise, all of which work together, to provide our clients a comprehensive wealth management solution.  How does Global achieve this?

-Independence:  As an independent organization Global has the freedom to offer unbiased advice  without the potential for conflicts of interest often present within large broker dealers.

-Institutional Asset Management: Global manages money at the institutional level  and has relationships with various institutions. The same services offered to these institutions are also available to our investors.  You’ve worked hard for our money and have earned the right to enjoy similarly sophisticated and transparent asset management services that larger investors have enjoyed for decades. Here are a few of the institutional relationships Global currently has”

  • Guggenheim Trust
  • Raymond James®
  • Morgam Stanley Smith Barney
  • RBC Wealth Management
  • Fidelity Institutional wealth management
  • Burbank Illinois Police Pension Fund


Personalized Financial Planning: Global believes in the counsel of working with competent, local independent advisors. Successful longterm investors usually have relationships with trusted advisors who work with them to implement the right investment strategy based on the individuals needs and goals.

Take the time today to talk to a local Bennett & Porter advisor on how we can help you take your investing to the next level.  Also for more info on Global Private Capital please visit their website, www.gf-pc.com.